Monday, November 10, 2014

Art Courage - PUBLISHED!

Go buy a copy NOW!!

I designed the front and back cover as well as branding for this the book Art Courage by Katherine Whitcomb and Brian Goeltzenleuchter and was creative director for the interior of this book published by Jaded Ibis Press. Read more about it here:

It was great fun presenting the concepts, which I took liberties with and really "played" the role of designer.  

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Create Sans Worries?

What if I just made stuff without worrying about the judgement and outcome?  Well, I would probably play more with a letraset and ink (see pic) and Arduino!  According to Jonathan Fields in his book, Uncertainty, the fear of judgement can negatively impact any creative process and actually reduces efficiency.  This isn't news to anyone, but can us creative folks believe we can have a process without the pain? I realized that in my design and art projects that if I don't experience overwhelm during a project that I somehow am not "giving it my all". But Fields explores the idea that we can reduce the overwhelm and fear of critique and criticism by building in more opportunities earlier and more often with each project. Prototype testing is a reliable way to test and get feedback when creating software and apps, but can it work for creative processes?

Well, I would like to try it.  As I develope a body of motion and type design and art for an upcoming exhibit called "Mindology", along with Brian Goeltzenleuchter, want to include progress of my designs and art and ask for feedback and essentially have that completely influence the outcome of my work.